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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch CableCom-17 at my house?

As a subscriber to the Comcast cable system in West Chicago, tune your television to Cable Channel 17. If this doesn't work, please let us know. Check out the Program Schedule.

Will CableCom-17 come to videotape our event?

So many events . . . so little help. CableCom currently organizes community volunteers for most productions. As volunteerism increases, so do the events recorded. CableCom offers a free, eight-hour Certified Producer course and a 90-minute Contributing Producer course to anyone interested in video production.

May I advertise on CableCom-17?

Not exactly. With grants or sponsorship, you will receive spots that are similar in style to the grant/sponsorship acknowledgements on WTTW Channel 11, Chicago's PBS station.

How much does the Video Bulletin Board (VBB) cost?

We believe the service is priceless, so we decided not to charge for it. Therefore, the VBB costs absolutely nothing, BUT you have to be a noncommercial civic group or a not-for-profit organization. Send your VBB announcement to us by mail, e-mail or fax.

How can I get my own show?

Become a Certified Producer, then write an outline, cast for talent, enlist production staff, record, edit, and then submit for broadcast. If simplification is your primary objective, register to become an Contributing Producer, then just record using your own digital video camera. CableCom can help you edit your program for broadcast.

Can I get a copy of a program I saw on CableCom-17?

Program copies are available upon request. Duplication rates start at $15 for the first 60-minutes on VHS or DVD.

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